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Skip Tracey & Associates is a licensed Texas Private Investigative Agency.  We offer a wide range of investigative services all rooted on our core principles of  experience, dependability, great customer service, professionalism and, most importantly, the provision of accurate information that you can trust.

Our specialty is in finding missing persons - ranging from long lost friends, relatives and high school sweethearts to witnesses, fugitives, and bail jumpers. In addition, we offer a full suite of other investigation activities including background searches; investigations related to marital concerns, divorce, infidelity, and child custody, covert surveillance, and litigation support for civil, criminal, and family court matters. Our business is the location and provision of information.

We pride ourselves in our integrity and in our ability to complete your investigative assignments with the utmost in professionalism, accuracy and discretion. We strive to always provide maximum value at reasonable rates. We never forget that we are your choice and that without you we cease to exist. If you are looking for results from a true investigative service, similar to the ole gumshoe and hound dog on a mission, then call us, it’s what we’re all about!

We look forward to hearing from you - (936) 647-0258.